Personnel & Professional Learning

Arvon Township School has an experienced staff with excellent credentials.


Kristina Waara
K-3 Teacher, all subjects

Pam Martinez
Teacher Aide

Jane VanBuren

Upper Elementary Teacher, all subjects

Tammy Hollon
Business Manager

Support Services

Transportation: Arvon Township School, driver Pete Dove
Food Service: Arvon Township School, Pam Martinez
Maintenance: Cathy Janda

Leadership Committees

Arvon Township School has organized School Improvement Committees for Technology, Teaching for Learning, Leadership, and Parent and Community Involvement. Each committee consists of school board members, parents and staff. We invite the community to also become a part of the School Improvement Process.

School Board

Mary DeLine – President
Natalie Wahmhoff – Vice President
Linda Griffith – Secretary
Kristy Laramore – Treasurer
Kimberly Hendrickson – Trustee