About Our School

That was Then…

Before the present Arvon Township School was established, children were educated in one room schools scattered throughout the Skanee and Aura areas of Arvon Township. The first school was built on the triangle in front of the present town hall. The school also served as the town hall until the present one was erected.

School #2, the Ryland School was established to accommodate the upper settlement and is still located on Lower Skanee Road. The first teacher, Rosina Anderson, was hired in 1877.

The Olson School of District #3 was established and taught by Ida Ohman for the first six years, followed by her sister Ruth. In 1914 the school had 16 students from grades 1 to 8. The school closed in 1926.

District #4 was established in Aura in 1928. A school for grades 1 to 8 was built. The first teacher was Martha Hamar.

In 1896, one acre of land was purchased from Ingebrect Oust for district #1 school purposes. A two room school was constructed for grades 1-4 and 5-8. In 1910 the school board resolved to extend instruction to 12 grades.

Around 1900 the first 4 room structure was built. However, it is believed that as time went on the school was not adequate in size, because it was moved to another location and ultimately dismantled. The present Arvon Township School was built around 1911, and in it’s present configuration, this building has been pretty much as is and in the same location. Construction of the basement for serving noon meals began in 1934 and was completed in 1939.

Many high school subjects were taught in alternate years to reduce the teaching load. The largest senior high school class on record had thirteen members in 1935.

Due to a decline in township population, the total high school enrollment had dropped to thirteen by 1941 and the high school was terminated.

Although the school is currently a K – 8 grade, it did at one time provide 12 years of schooling until 1941, when due to declining enrollment, it was changed to K – 8 years with the high school students going into L’Anse.

This is Now…

The front entrance of the school.

Although the present building retains its classic style and charm, it has been well maintained and functionally updated to meet the learning needs of students for today and tomorrow’s world.

Within the past 5 years, it has been made handicapped accessible. The installation of new windows and a high efficiency furnace has made it possible to contain heating costs. A new roof was put on in 2006, and the spring of 2007 we installed security cameras at the front and rear entrances. Radio communication has been upgraded. Also, we continuously upgrade the playground and school grounds.

Computer technology provides students with contemporary multimedia learning experiences and supervised internet resources. A computer server was added in 2006, enhancing the use of computer technologies throughout the curriculum.

School improvement goals are accomplished with ongoing curriculum and staff development. We welcome the involvement of parents and community in the development and accomplishment of school goals.

Educational subjects at Arvon School include math, science, social studies (history, geography, civics and economics), reading/language arts, spelling/writing, Spanish, music, art, physical education, library, and integrated technology.

Arvon School offers an excellent educational experience. Enrollment has been between 12 – 15 range for a number of years, but has had as many as 40 – 50 students. Because of small class size and an outstanding staff, we are better able to offer our students individual attention.

The combined efforts of parents, community, staff and school board can only enhance the learning of our students and insure that our school remains the focal point of this ever changing and growing community.

During the summer of 2008 we completely resided the school building, painted the foundation, and bricked the steps and handicapped parking area.

In early summer of 2010, the interior of the school was repainted to prepare for the 100 year celebration of the school held on July 11, 2010.